Almost 9,000 Lee County students set to return to in-person school

The deadline is past Friday to change your kids from Lee Home Connect to in-person learning in Lee County.

We spoke to parents passionate about this issue.

As of Friday morning, 8,648 students are returning to face-to-face learning in Lee County, and 373 will head online with Lee Home Connect.

The deadline for those students to make changes passed an hour ago, but Lee Virtual School families have until 5 p.m. Sunday.

Nearly 9,000 students are switching from one way of learning to another. Two moms we spoke to said they are sticking with face-to-face learning.

These two moms told us they are sticking with face-to-face learning.

“I was worried like most parents, but it has been fabulous,” said Adina Bridges, whose child is in fourth grade Hancock Creek Elementary School.

Adina Bridges explained virtual learning didn’t work for her or her fourth-grader.

“I couldn’t get my work done,” Bridges said. “I couldn’t get her to get her work done.”

Charlene Ruocco’s made the decision her high school freshman needed face-to-face social interaction.

“We never had one second thought at all because, again, we’ve been having a very good experience,” said Ruocco, whose child attends South Fort Myers High School. “It is what you make of it.”

Ruocco said it was important for her son to continue to go to school in person even during the pandemic.

“So we want him to have those experiences, not just educational experiences but how to be a young adult in today’s society,” Ruocco said.

Moving to Lee Virtual School is not an option, but most parents told us they’re sticking to their schedule.

“It has been the easiest get off to school ever,” Bridges said. “I think it’s because she’s not as socially isolated.”

Students heading back to the classroom in Lee County might not have the same teacher or class schedule.

In Collier County

According to Collier County Public schools, “We are currently in the process of requesting changes to learning options for Quarter 2. An email was sent out to all Classroom Connect and High School Flexible parents. (The survey may also be accessed through the District’s website: or via the school district’s social media pages.) Parents have until midnight tonight to complete the survey.

MORE: Classroom connect (option 2) / high school flexible – quarter 2 parent survey

In Charlotte County

According to Charlotte County Public Schools, “The window for Election to Innovative for current brick and mortar students is [Friday] (10/12 – 10/16).”

“If students want to transfer from e-learning (both CVS and Innovative) we transfer them back at any time the parent requests.”

Reporter:Anika Henanger
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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