Police see weekend spike in drunk driving, DUI arrests in Cape Coral

Cape Coral Police Department arrested 20 drunk drivers over the weekend, and we spoke to CCPD about that uptick Monday.

Police in Cape Coral also said there was an unusually high number of drunk drivers on the city streets during the weekend, more than just those drivers who were arrested for DUI charges.

“When you go out, you shouldn’t have to worry about somebody getting into your lane,” Bonnie Grunberg said. “I don’t think you should worry about someone being so impaired they cannot handle their vehicle.”

The number of drunk drivers seen in Cape Coral over a two-and-a-half-day period got the attention of Master Corporal Philip Mullen with CCPD.

“I honestly don’t even know what to say,” Mullen said. “There’s so many ways that you can get home safe if you’re choosing to go out and drink. There’s the old designated driver; there’s Uber; there’s Lyft; there’s taxis; some bars have free services to get you home. There’s just a million different ways you can do it and not put yourself and others in danger.”

Cape Coral was a busy place this weekend. Bike Night on Saturday brought out lots of people. Grunberg believes many others went out because they’re tired of being inside.

“You had a large crowd downtown this weekend,” Grunberg said. “My guess is a lot of people felt like they had escaped quarantine, that they went out and partied, and this was the end result.”

“Just hearing about that, I mean, it’s striking just because it’s something that we just wouldn’t expect from a quiet town like this,” said Sekou Keita.

CCPD said it didn’t even have a special DUI patrol out this last weekend, and they still got 20 drunks off the streets. They said officers don’t want a repeat of last weekend – ever.

“They’re out there looking for impaired drivers,” Mullen said. “They have zero tolerance for it.”

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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