Florida Department of Health logo. Credit: FDOH.

Florida DOH says error prevents Saturday’s daily coronavirus update

The Florida Department of Health did not release a daily coronavirus update on Saturday, as they have since the pandemic began.

The daily data includes updated information such as new COVID-19 cases, death totals and county-by-county breakdowns.

The DOH said they received approximately 400,000 previously reported COVID-19 test results on Friday from a private lab.

The high volume of tests to “de-duplicate” made it difficult for them to complete their automatic daily reporting, they said.

Helix Laboratory, where the test came from, is not affiliated with the state of Florida.

The DOH said the reporting issue has nothing to do with individuals being notified of their results, since that notification comes from the lab.

State epidemiologists are working to update the data file which will take a day to finish.

DOH says they plan to resume daily coronavirus updates on Sunday, October 11.

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