Marco Patriots head to Louisiana ahead of Hurricane Delta threat

Help is on the way to Louisiana, with Hurricane Delta’s forecast showing it will make landfall Friday.

The Marco Patriots are on the move once again in 2020 to head back to Louisiana to be of help ahead of possible destruction caused by the storm. Marco Patriots worry the aftermath of Hurricane Laura will make conditions even worse this time around.

“It’s very concerning to us that there’s the amount of debris on the ground,” said Matt Melican, the co-founder of Marco Patriots. “That, as anyone well knows, could turn into a potential projectile. So that’s very concerning for us.”

The Lake Charles community in Louisiana has evacuations underway and still plenty of damage left behind by Laura, highlighted by all the blue tarps you on damaged homes and buildings.

“They need our help, and we’ve been in communications with some people on the ground up there,” Melican said. “And we’re anticipating a need, and we’re just being prepared for it if that need arises.”

Marco Patriots will bring equipment. They plan to do wellness checks, feed people and clear debris.

“We’re certainly anticipating, you know, downed power lines and trees and things like that,” Melican said. “We’re preparing especially for that.”

Marco Patriots said Sunshine Ace Hardware is donating 10 generators that the group will bring with them, and they’ll distribute those to people in need. The group plans head out Friday morning and visit the hardest hit locations in Louisiana.

Melican says none of their efforts would happen without the generosity of Southwest Florida.

“I’d just like to extend a gratitude and thanks to our donors and the people that make it possible for us to help others,” Melican said. I think there’s a lot of compassion in this community.”

Reporter:Justin Kase
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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