Looking for a new car? Be sure to keep your eyes open for online scams

With more time online, people are checking out the cars for sale. But is it really for sale at that great price?

This is the time of year when people start looking for a new car. The new models are out, so those buyers are trading in their old ones.

The first thing people do is go online to look for that perfect car — but be careful. People are being scammed into spending money for a car and get nothing in return.

In fact, the Better Business Bureau says scammers use many of these car photos in multiple ads, advertising the same car. And when someone asks to meet or test drive the car, they are told because of COVID-19, they can’t meet in person.

That should be a red flag.

You’ll see a lot of these fake ads on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, among others.

The FBI said there have been tens of thousands of complaints over the last few years and expect 2020 to be the highest yet.

Other red flags:

  • Price is too low
  • Say they’re selling because they’re moving overseas
  • Say they’re selling because they’re getting divorced
  • Say they’re selling because the car brings bad memories

A lot of these scams come from overseas, so if you send money, the chances of getting it back are slim.

For some examples of fake ads and some tips to protect yourself, check out the links below:

Reporter:Rich Kolko
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