Bald eagle named Volt released back into the wild after year of recovery

After nearly a year in recovery, a bald eagle is flying free again Thursday.

The Peace River Wildlife Center released Volt, a bald eagle they’ve been nursing back to health since November.

And he was ready to go!

He took off quickly when rescuers opened his cage at the Punta Gorda Nature Park.

Last year, Volt was burned by a power line and fell into a canal.

Robert Gray helped PRWC retrieve Volt out of the canal, and he says seeing Volt take off was a tremendous feeling.

“Peace River had to take him. It was a year ago, and here he is, and there he went, which was great.”

Volt recovered quickly from his injuries and spent some time re-growing all of his burned feathers.

The likelihood of an adult eagle surviving this kind of injury is only 10 %.

But now, he is exceeding expectations and flying free. Just in time for bald eagle mating season here in Florida.

Reporter:Erika Jackson
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