The Cape Coral Police Department’s youngest and newest officer

Kayden Kafka has been dreaming on becoming a police officer all his life. Well, at just seven years old he has.

“I Kayden Kafka [Kayden repeats] pledge that I will follow the Cape Coral Police department,” said Police Chief Newlan.

With a fist pump to end the ceremony, Kafka is now a junior police officer. He has the badge to prove it and everything.

Kayden Kafka isn’t your average seven year old. His dreams of being a law enforcement officer started in the hospital.

“The police department and local heroes got him through some of his treatments when he was in a local hospital fighting mitochondrial disease and gastroparesis,” said his mom, Stephanie.

These diseases make Kayden’s body unable to produce energy like the rest of us. Also, his stomach cannot empty itself of food on its own. “Kayden is fed by a feeding tube for most of his nutrition,” she said.

Despite all of that, Kayden is still getting the chance to live his dream. His first act as an officer? “Swat van,” Kayden said.

His mom said that she’s never encountered a child like him. “I’ve never seen a child like Kayden go through what he’s been through with his head held high and he’s never asked why me?”

Ask Kayden’s favorite thing about the job he now shares with his heroes and he’ll says, “they help people.”

Because they’ve helped him and made his dreams come true.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Drew Hill
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