Online students finding ways to skip virtual school

There are reports of at-home students finding creative ways to skip virtual school.

Students typically log into Zoom and are admitted by their teachers, to be marked present or absent. Some, however, are using cutouts, putting pictures in front of the computer camera like is currently being done at some sporting events.

Rob Spicker, spokesperson for Lee County Schools, says that is not allowed in Lee County.

“A student who is Lee Home Connect, their attendance rules are the exact same as face-to-face learning,” Spicker said.

There are even some apps that can simulate a student being in the Zoom session, making it appear to teachers as if they are in class. These are called loopholes.

Another trick: Students are pre-recording themselves and playing that for the camera.

Spicker says he had not heard of this occurring in Lee County, but since many of the classes are interactive, students would have to be present.

Teachers can add other ways to check on the students. One recommendation: Have intermittent “stand up and stretch” breaks during every class.

Of course, if able, parents can help by encouraging their kids to attend each class, and by checking on them during the day.

Reporter:Rich Kolko
Writer:Joey Pellegrino
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