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Florida Department of Health releases report on COVID cases in schools

For the first time, the Florida Department of Health has released a report on the number of COVID-19 cases in schools across the state.

Parents have been asking DOH to release a report like this so they can know how many cases have shown up at their child’s school. But they also want to make sure they are making the most informed decisions for their children.

The biggest thing missing from the report are cases from August. Some charter schools with unconfirmed cases may also not be reported.

So far, in Southwest Florida, there haven’t been any large outbreaks. There are 48 in Collier County, 66 in Lee, 8 in Charlotte, 8 in DeSoto, 15 in Glades and 7 in Hendry County.

MORE: See full data report on COIVD-19 in Florida schools

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