Crook caught on cam stealing Lehigh Acres family’s Halloween decorations

A Lehigh Acres mother says her son picked out several Halloween decorations for their yard, but someone stole them in the middle of the night.

Andraea Fuller said her 3-year old son keeps asking for the “blowups.” That’s what he calls the Halloween decorations that were stolen just two days after they put them up. She told him they’ll get new ones.

But it might be a while until they trust putting more on their front lawn.

“We keep telling him they’re gone but we’ll get new ones,” Fuller said. “He just keeps asking where they are.”

A fun, decorated yard was supposed to be the way Fuller celebrated Halloween with her 3-year-old son this year.

“We’re not going to go trick-or-treating because of everything going on,” Fuller said. “We’ll decorate the lawn, and you can play with that and enjoy that.”

All the air was let out of the holiday because of a stranger.

“I got woken up by my husband because he woke up first, and he goes, ‘The inflatables are gone,’ and I go? ‘What?’” Fuller said. “He came about right after 11 and ran up and unplugged and unhooked and put it in his car.”

A crook snatched a 7-foot inflatable pumpkin Fuller’s son picked out and one shaped like a dog wearing a witch hat.

“The dachshund was hurtful to me because I had recently put my dog down who was a dachshund, and it reminded me of him,” Fuller said.

The family normally has two other inflatables to go in their walkway, but they’re thankful they didn’t put them out last night.

Fuller said she is making sure her son sees her being strong.

“It makes you mad and irritated inside, but you can’t show that to them,” Fuller said. “You can’t let them see that because you just say, ‘Everything will be OK.’”

She filed a report with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. She also warned her neighbor across the street, who has decorations.

Reporter:Andryanna Sheppard
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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