SWFL voters speak on President Trump’s choice for Supreme Court

President Donald Trump announced his pick for the Supreme Court Saturday night.

The president nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to take the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The nomination kicks off an effort to have Barrett quickly confirmed before election day.

If Barrett is confirmed by the Senate, she would become the youngest associate justice on the Supreme Court at just 48 years old.

Barrett’s conservative legal views are a sharp contrast to the late Justice Ginsburg, who was an icon for many liberals.

This nomination is generating a lot of conversation among voters, with some people saying the president acted too quickly.

Nationally, lots of people are arguing whether the president did the right thing by announcing his choice for the Supreme Court this close to Election Day.

Locally, we found less debate. Most likely voters we talked to say they’ve already made up their minds.

Mr. Trump’s choice of Barrett only strengthened people’s support or opposition to his reelection.

For the president’s supporters, they say they may not know much about Barrett, but they trust Trump’s judgment:

“Whatever decision he makes, I’m good with, he’s thinking about us.”

“If he picks it, I’m sure it’s fine.”

“I hope, you know, it does go through, he does get what he wants.”

Others say they worry about Barrett’s pro-life views in opposition to Gisnburg repeated efforts to protect a woman’s right to abortion.

“For whatever reason, let’s say I had a bad experience, I got raped or anything like that, I don’t know I don’t feel like it would be, it should be my choice.”

Reporter:Gail Levy
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