Sean B. Metcalf (CCSO)

Port Charlotte man arrested for battery after slapping girlfriend with pizza

A Port Charlotte man is facing battery charges after his girlfriend says he slapped her with a slice of pizza, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies arrived at the Port Charlotte scene, the victim told them her boyfriend, 56-year-old Sean Bradley Metcalf, had smacked her in the face with a piece of pizza.

She said she was taking some things to the trash, including a pizza box she thought was empty. Once she was nearly out the door, Metcalf told her not to throw his things away and became very angry.

The victim said Metcalf began to yell at her, telling her the pizza was his dinner and that she needed to stop throwing his things away. She then proceeded to throw the pizza box she still thought was empty back into the room when the pieces came out.

Metcalf then became even angrier and approached the victim, picking up a slice of pizza and hitting her in the face and chest with it. She then called CCSO.

Deputies say when they made contact with the victim, she had grease, red sauce and food toppings on her face and chest as well as in her hair.

Metcalf told CCSO he lost his cool and yelled at the victim, corroborating the altercation, however, he says nothing ever became physical between the two and he had no idea how pizza got all over the victim.

CCSO arrested Metcalf for domestic battery and a non-contact order was placed between him and the victim.

Writer:WINK News
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