**EMBARGO: ATLANTA, GA ** Jane Pressley, a daycare worker, received more than $9,000 after taxes.

Daycare worker receives $9,000+ in backdated UI benefits

Normally when Better Call Harry helps people with their unemployment claims it takes some time because the cases are complicated.

But not for Jane Pressley.

“Wait!” Harry said to her. “They called you right before you came here to meet us?”

Pressley is a daycare worker who just received the best news since the pandemic began. After a six-month delay, the Georgia Department of Labor is paying her claim.

More than $9,000 after taxes in backdated benefits.

“I’m speechless,” Pressley laughed. “I really don’t know what to say. It’s like a dream. I just don’t know what to say.”

Pressley and her husband Ron have been married 32 years. But she never legally changed her maiden name, so the GDOL put a hold on her claim.

“It went in as Pressley and came up as my maiden name,” she said.

The GDOL says it is working on a fix with its partner to help people verify their identities.

And there’s more good news for Pressley. When the pandemic started she lost more than half of her hours at work. This month she’s back full time.

Author: Phil Riley, Harry Samler / CNN
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