Collier County schools update mask policy

Collier County is changing its rules about students wearing masks in school, now requiring all face coverings to be two layers.

This rule is more directed at buffs, a form of cloth face coverings that some people wear.
The school district says the change came after speaking with the Department of Health.

One mom said she understands why they have to wear face coverings, but believes there should be more leniency in school when social distancing is possible.

“If the kids are sitting at their desks and they’re six feet apart, why are they wearing the mask all day?” asked Elaina Vasta. “How come they can’t pull them down to get fresh air? I understand the science is a little unknown at this point, I’m rolling with it. But I’m taking the precautions that I can by changing them out, and I feel like the school should get more guidelines on which masks work, on making sure that parents are sending extra masks.”

Most masks already do have two layers built in. If yours doesn’t, medical experts suggest switching it out for one that does, as those protect you the most.

Reporter:Nicole Lauren
Writer:Joey Pellegrino
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