Amendment 2: Fla. voters to decide on hiking minimum wage to $15

Published: September 24, 2020 5:00 PM EDT
Updated: September 24, 2020 7:03 PM EDT

Floridians will get to decide in November if there should be a hike to the minimum wage, but not everyone is on board.

Under Amendment 2, anyone making the current minimum of $8.56 an hour will get a raise to $10 an hour in 2021. Another dollar will be added every year until 2026, when the minimum wage will reach $15.

One Lee County business owner thinks it will hurt businesses in the long run.

“I think it would have a devastating effect on Southwest Florida, not only on the restaurants but on the hotels and all the business that rely on us,” said Jay Johnson, owner of Bubba’s Roadhouse and Saloon in Cape Coral.

He predicts the extra cash won’t lift people out of poverty, but will instead put more people out of work.

“They’re going to take the workers, move them down to thirty hours a week, make them part-time and then they no longer have benefits.”

Attorney John Morgan said that has no merit.

“For these people to say they’re going to let people go, does that mean they’re all paying people to work for jobs they don’t need? No, you pay when you need workers and that will not change at all,” he said.

He’s putting his money – millions – where his vote is.

“You know the system is broke when a lot of people can do better staying at home than going to work,” Morgan said.

Raising the minimum wage is a moral responsibility, not a political issue, according to the attorney.

“To some people, it’s the difference between food and not food.”

Morgan and Gov. Ron DeSantis worked together on medical marijuana, but Morgan said he isn’t hopeful the governor will support the push to raise the minimum wage.

Either way, it will be up to the people on Nov. 3, and at least 60% of voters will have to approve the measure in order for it to pass. Click here for more information on Amendment 2, provided by the Florida Division of Elections.