Sanibel fire chief, division chief on administrative leave after false certification

The Sanibel Fire Commission stepped in and took action after an employee was given a certificate they didn’t earn. The fire chief and division chief are said to have known what happened and did nothing. Now, they’re on administrative leave.

The Fire Commission approved an investigation Wednesday morning and are asking the Sanibel Fire attorney to take over the case.

People are claiming that a fire district employee gave a CPR card to someone not employed by the district. Did that person have the correct qualifications? That question is expected to be answered in the subsequent investigation, as well as whether Fire Chief Matthew Scott and Division Chief Tim Barrett knew what was going on.

Fire Chief Matthew Scott (left) and Division Chief Tim Barrett (right)

“I’d like to have this investigation expedited not dragged out,” said Bruce Cochran, Sanibel’s fire commissioner.

Jim Lynn, attorney for the fire district, said that at the moment, there isn’t that much information to go off of.

“At this point we really don’t have much information beyond this, but if true, this information could form the basis for disciplinary action.”

The fire district did not name the person who gave the CPR card or the person who received it.

Lynn hopes to have the investigation wrapped up by next month. They’re moving as quickly as possible.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Drew Hill
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