Donor gives homeless Fort Myers man a new apartment

Published: September 22, 2020 4:53 PM EDT
Updated: September 22, 2020 6:29 PM EDT

Mickel Lawson has been living out of his car and has been isolated from his sons. But now, his new apartment is giving him a new lease on life.

“Lifted my spirits. Lifted ’em. Really good,” Lawson said. He’s overwhelmed, to say the least.

In the three weeks since WINK News introduced you to Lawson, viewers have helped him find a job and a home. This has helped him reconnect with his son, Evan.

“Getting the boy back. Back in with me. Words can’t describe it. You know it? Can’t describe it,” Lawson said.

“I love Dad,” Evan said.

Lawson’s life has gone down a dark road. He has been homeless on and off and went to jail more than once. When he finally found Kara, the love of his life, married her and had two kids with her, she died suddenly. Then, he lost his job, home and kids.

“I did give up a couple times. But I kept pushing and pushing,” he said.

Lawson is still pushing through, too. He misses his older son, Derrick. In the meantime, he savors every minute he has with Evan.

They talk about Evan’s future as a “YouTuber.”

What’s Evan’s favorite part about having a home? “Everything! Just having a house in general.”

He says he’s grateful and that he’s proud of his father. “Yeah, and I’m happy for us.”

This week marks one year since Kara passed away. A sobering milestone, indeed, but one father and son are going to get through together.

“She’s looking down smiling. She’d be proud,” Lawson said.

He gives much of the credit for his turnaround to “Better Together.” The Fort Myers agency works with parents in crisis, offering the help they so desperately need and keeping their kids out of foster care.