Credit: Collier County Sheriff's Office.

Names of deputies involved in Immokalee fatal shooting released

Three deputies responded to a neighbor’s call of a man with a shovel that ultimately left one man dead in Immokalee early Thursday.

Collier County Corporal Pierre Richard Jean, K-9 Corporal Nathan Kirk, and Deputy Brian Tarazona all responded to the call on Edenfield Way.

They say that when they arrived, Nicholas Morales-Bessannia, 37, was standing outside with a shovel.

Deputies said in a press release: “When Morales-Bessannia was getting close to the deputies he released the shovel from his left hand and produced a shiny, sharp object in his right hand that deputies believed to be a deadly weapon.” They said he ignored commands to get on the ground.

Jean fired shots as he was afraid for his life and the lives of the other deputies, according to a statement by Collier County Sheriff’s Office. Kirk also released the K-9 on the 37-year-old man. The dog bit Morales-Bessannia on the shoulder.

The shiny object was later determined to be a pair of sharp landscaping shears.

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The sheriff’s office is continuing to conduct criminal and administrative investigations. The criminal investigation will then be sent to the State’s Attorney’s Office for independent review.

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