Families still in need as LeeCARES deadline approaches

The deadline to apply for LeeCARES assistance was extended to 5 p.m. Monday. Many families still need help making ends meet because of the pandemic.

“It’s been really rough,” said Cynthia Cox of Fort Myers. She had her hours as a home health aide cut back, faced family medical issues, and, of course, the coronavirus.

“If it were going to be an ongoing 40 hours, I probably could make it through but it’s not an ongoing 40-hour thing,” Cox explained.

She’s hoping LeeCARES will be the lifeline she needs to make ends meet. Cox already applied once but her claim was denied. So she’s trying again since she still needs help.

“I need a roof over my head. I need clothes on my back,” she said. “I need my car up and running because that’s how I get around. I need my light bill paid.”

If approved, LeeCARES assistance helps people like Cox who have had their hours cut or lost their jobs altogether.

They make payments directly to your mortgage company, landlord or utility company.

The funds are also available to small business owners and parents who need assistance with childcare.

Applicants can get approved for up to $3,000 but Cox is just hoping to get approved, regardless of the amount.

“I’m going to try and see what happens,” she said.

Cox is determined not to let the financial impacts of the pandemic crush her spirit.

“I don’t know how I’ll actually make it but I’ll make it,” Cox said.

To apply by the deadline, click here.

Reporter:Andryanna Sheppard
Writer:Drew Hill
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