Neighbors fed up with crime scenes near them over 24 hours in Lee County

Another crime scene unfolded along Alico Road in Lee County on Wednesday after deputies arrested two suspects late Tuesday in the same area.

One man said he has kids and has considered taking his family to stay somewhere else for the night because of everything that’s happened near them over the past 24 hours.

Deputies cleared a scene near Aloha Road and Alico on Wednesday.

“I hear the helicopters, and I look out, and I don’t see anything, but I knew I could hear them,” neighbor John Alfuth said.

“People are forcing their way in with guns,” neighbor Roy Schneider said. “I’m going to be concerned.”

Another scene with deputies, crime scene tape and someone taken into custody is the last thing Alfuth wanted to see just hours later.

“I’m looking at this as, ‘Do I want to go over my parents’ house and take the kids to my parents’ house because this is now the second thing within 12 hours,’” Alfuth said.

It all started with a home invasion Tuesday just minutes from Alfuth’s San Carlos Park home. Suspects Travis Rains, 17, and Jordan Gurke, 22, face several felony charges, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and battery on a K-9. Sheriff Carmine Marceno confirmed during a press conference home invasion robbery charges are pending, and the investigation remains active.

A neighbor says the suspects kicked in his back door, ran into the house, pointed a gun at his head and demanded money. That led to a deputy-involved shooting, with the suspects firing at deputies and three deputies firing back before catching the suspects.

The scene Wednesday on Aloha Rd. might be the final straw for Alfuth and his family in the neighborhood.

“We talk about how San Carlos Park is, but we never really see it like this that often,” Alfuth said.

We asked LCSO for more information about what happened near Alico And Aloha and continue to wait for new details.

The teenager and the man deputies say were involved in the Tuesday gunfight are expected in court Thursday morning.

Reporter:Breana Ross
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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