LCSO arrests 2 after deputy-involved shooting in San Carlos Park

Lee County deputies were involved in a shooting late Tuesday in San Carlos Park.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno said deputies responded to the report of an armed home invasion on Bradenton Road, and when they arrived, they encountered two suspects fleeing in a silver van. The van headed north on Three Oaks Parkway and then east on Alico Road with deputies in pursuit. The chase ended when the suspects’ van crashed into a ditch on Alico at I-75.

The suspects took off on foot, firing multiple rounds at deputies, prompting them to return fire, Marceno said. A video shown at the LCSO press conference showed bullet holes in a deputy’s patrol car.

Aviation and K-9 units responded and the suspects were caught in a wooded area.

Marceno said the suspects, identified as Travis Rains, 17, and Jordan Gurke, 22, face several felony charges, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and battery on a K-9. Home invasion robbery charges are pending, he said, and the investigation remains active.

We also dug into their criminal history. Neither are strangers to law enforcement, having previously been arrested for arson, domestic violence and drugs.

Travis Rains, 17, and Jordan Gurke, 22, face several felony charges, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and battery on a K-9. (Credit: WINK News)

“This behavior sickens me and it will not be tolerated,” the sheriff said. “I wanna be crystal clear. We will respond to deadly force with deadly force every single time.”

Marceno said no deputies were injured during the incident. He did not say whether the suspects were hit by any bullets.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference to address the incident, showing video of the suspects’ apprehension. You can watch below or click here.

The armed home invasion had the suspects leading Lee County deputies through a San Carlos Park neighborhood. Neighbors were scared after hearing shots fired throughout the night.

They said deputies didn’t leave until about 6 a.m. Wednesday. Caution tape was wrapped around a mailbox to a truck across the street and deputies weren’t letting anyone in or out.

People who live on this street say they always feel safe and still do, but now, they’re just a little uneasy.

“It could’ve been us. That could’ve walked into our house,” said Lisa Salas who lives in San Carlos Park.

“When a house that’s just a few doors down from me has people breaking in with guns, that’s something to be worried about,” said Roy Schneider, who also lives in the neighborhood.

“It felt like the house was physically moving from the speed of the vehicles,” said Jennifer Hockey who lives near where the chase happened. “So I thought something definitely had to be wrong for someone to be driving that quickly.”

“It was very, very fast. The cops just sped past us and I could tell it was something serious,” said Katrina Hart who also heard the chase.

The sirens came to a stop on Alico Road where Rains and Gurke crashed their car in a ditch and began shooting at deputies. Bullet holes are even visible in one of the deputy’s cars.

“I just stayed in my room and was like, please God just don’t let anything happen,” said Orlaidys Sanchez. The manhunt happened just a few yards away from her home.

“I heard a lot of helicopters and there were a lot of sirens going on. I had my baby in the other room and I brought him over because there’s been so many shootings lately, I didn’t want to have him in the other room I didn’t know what was going on,” she explained.

No deputies or bystanders were injured, but deputies say Gurke was shot in the foot and a K-9 was punched.

“It is scary,” said Diane Hart who lives near where the home invasion happened. “We’ll certainly make sure everything is locked up, cameras are running, whatever else we have to do, we’ll be even more vigilant than usual.”

Reporter:Dannielle Garcia
Andryanna Sheppard
Writer:WINK News
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