Goodwill Mobile Job-Link does community outreach at SWFL Military Museum

The Goodwill Mobile Job-Link is coming to the Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library on Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Many people are struggling to find employment or keep the jobs they have due to the pandemic.

So many people who never thought they’d be applying for new jobs in 2020, are. That’s why Goodwill is bringing the bus around.

“But I never thought I’d be confronted by all of the stresses in life that we’re experiencing nowadays,” said Raymond Johnson.

Johnson lost not one, but two jobs during the pandemic. Now, six months later, he’s looking for a new one, while still in the midst of the pandemic.

The problem is… “not too many people hiring 73-year-olds,” Johnson said.

But Johnson does have one thing working in his favor and that’s “perseverance.”

The Job-Link is a bus containing 12 computers with internet access. Raymond Johnson is about to get on it. Not just for himself but for his family.

“My wife who is disabled with severe Alzheimer’s, bedridden, I have her in home hospice,” Raymond explained.

The money he needs isn’t for rent or food, it’s to care for his wife. “at this stage of life you have to use words like pampers,” he said. “Expenses,they add up.”

Those onboard can help with employment services and resume/cover letters, unemployment applications, ACCESS Florida, FAFSA applications and many other services.

Johnson’s application is in now and he’s headed home to his wife. He hopes he’s lucky enough to get a job that will help someone the way this bus has helped him.

“It’s gratifying to realize you can assist people,” Johnson said.

If you’re still struggling financially or looking for employment, Raymond Johnson has a  message for you. “If you have faith basis that’s extremely helpful,” he said. “Just have to keep at it and not give up.”

If you’re looking for a job as well, you can fill out Goodwill’s job application here.

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Reporter:Sydney Persing
Writer:Drew Hill
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