People could be moving to Florida because it’s a swing state

More people are making a move to Florida, and it’s not for the warmth and sunshine alone. A Realtor said she’s seeing people move because Florida is a swing state.

“There’s so many reasons to move here, honestly,” said Yenny Neal, a local Realtor.

Neal admits that some people possibly thinking of moving down so they can vote in a swing state is a bonus, too.

“I could see how it could be something people would do,” Neal said. “It is a swing state, so of course, it could go either way if we get a bunch of people with one political party versus another moving down here. Certainly, it could make a difference.”

Residents agree.

“This is quite a political year, so nothing would surprise me,” said Katya Ewi of Naples.

“If it’s a close race, sure,” said Dan Marks, also of Naples.

That’s not the only reason.

“I’ve got a lot of northern buyers coming down because they want to move to the area and get away from what’s happening up north,” Neal said. “We didn’t get effects here of the rioting like they did in other states.”

The real estate industry continues to boom in general.

“It’s very busy,” Neal said.

“I have friends who are Realtors, and they’ve been working 12-hour days,” Ewi said. “So yes, I have heard that the real estate market is hot.”

Some residents don’t think Florida is any busier than usual.

“They’ve been doing it for decades,” Marks said. “I don’t see that from my point of view.”

Others still welcome the idea of more people coming to the Sunshine State.

“Hey, why not work in paradise,” Ewi said. “The majority of the people here are friendly and welcoming, so welcome.”

For people who are moving down to Florida within the next few weeks, the deadline to register to vote is Oct. 5.

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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