Now is the time to save money on plane tickets

Experts say late September and October are the best months to buy plane tickets so you can save a little money.

Mark Jenkins with AAA said the demand for flights and travel is still low with many people waiting until the last minute to book flights instead of booking far in advance. That means prices are competitive for those who are willing to travel, so now is a good time to start booking your holiday trips.

The holiday travel season normally means a busy airport and long lines, but this year will likely look a lot different.

“I still think people are still very like skeptical about flying,” said traveler Karen Lombardi.

Sisters Lorraine Terlizzi and Pat Spezio are part of that skeptical group, so they say their annual holiday trips up north are not an option this year.

“We miss that this year,” Spezio said. “I go on Thanksgiving and come home after New Year’s but not this year. Too afraid; too afraid that I would bring it to my grandchildren.”

For travelers who are willing to take the risk, now is a good time to book for some of the best deals while demand is still low and while airlines are flexible with cancellations and change fees.

“Right now is a great time to start looking at holiday travel and booking your trip because this tends to be kind of that sweet spot for finding both the flight you want and a competitive price,” Jenkins said.

Some travelers say they plan to reap the benefits of those competitive prices soon.

“I’ll probably look for them now for thanksgiving,” Lombardi said.

“We wouldn’t let the virus or the pandemic affect any of our travel,” said Frank Scarpelli.

Others say there is no price you can put on feeling completely safe, so there’s no deal out there that would make them want to fly.

“The price is phenomenal, but you have to be gutsy,” Spezio said.

Jenkins said the price you pay comes down to when you book and when you fly. Travelers who avoid the busiest travel days, such as the day before Thanksgiving, will pay lower prices. He also said you should make sure you know what the cancellation and rescheduling policies are for your flight.

Reporter:Breana Ross
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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