46,000 vets affected in hack of VA system

The Department of Veterans Affairs was hit with its largest security breach in the last decade, with 46,000 vets’ social security numbers potentially exposed, the agency said Monday.

Hackers used social engineering to gain access to the system and then rerouted payments that were supposed to go to health care providers.

The VA sent letters to those whose information may have been accessed. It explains what to do if your information was compromised. If you didn’t get a letter, they didn’t get your information.

Social engineering comes in a variety of forms, but basically, it’s either emails or phone calls designed to have you give up personal information. It may be an email attachment from someone you don’t know or one that looks official.

If you get a call or an email asking for personal or banking information, hang up. In emails, don’t click on unknown attachments and never provide personal or banking information on a call or email you didn’t initiate.

See more security tips on the Department of Homeland Security’s website.

Reporter:Rich Kolko
Writer:WINK News
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