‘There was some deception involved:’ Man arrested in Lely hit-and-run tried to blame his brother for the crash

A hit-and-run crash last week left a 14-year-old boy in the hospital and landed one man arrested. Now, investigators say the suspect tried to pass the buck by blaming his brother.

“The defendant has lied to me on every question.” That’s part of the wording from Juan Pablo Alvizurez Giron’s arrest report.

“In this case, as stated in the arrest report, ‘there was some deception involved,'” explained Florida Highway Patrol Public Affairs Officer Greg Bueno.

Deception like Alvizurez Giron blaming his brother for the crash that injured Jamesly Malande and telling investigators his brother left the country.

The report goes on to say Alvizurez Giron asked his employer, Collier Cutters, to lie for him and say he was at work when the early morning crash happened last Thursday.

“He’s not a bad person that I know of,” said the business’ co-owner Steve Hoguet. “He’s, you know, dependable. He comes to work every day, so I think it’s just a really unfortunate event.”

The 46-year-old now faces charges for leaving the scene of a crash with injury, leaving Malande with a concussion and a broken hand and leg.

Troopers found the truck in the complex where Alvizurez Giron lives — Whistler’s Cove in Lely.

“Why would you hit a little boy? And then you run,” asked Timsline Charles, who also lives at the complex, and questions her neighbor’s actions.

The arrest report also says pieces of truck found at the scene match Alvizurez Giron’s 2006 Ford F150 perfectly. Troopers may also have DNA evidence, as the report states Alvizurez Giron allowed them to take a cheek swab.

Alvizurez Giron bonded out of jail Wednesday and is expected to appear in court on Oct. 5.

Reporter:Rachel Cox-Rosen
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