Single mom switches child’s schooling choice ahead of deadline, says don’t wait

Parents have been forced to make what could be a life-changing decision for their kids: Put your kids back in school and risk their health, or switch them to home connect.

We spoke to a single mom who works full-time about her decision and what it means for her child.

Kristin Sullivan was stressed before school started and more stressed now.

“I called the school two days ago in tears in absolute tears, and I said, ‘Please I can’t do Lee Virtual,’” Sullivan told WINK News. “It’s really hard to be mom and teacher.”

Sullivan thought Lee Virtual School would be great for her son and safer too, but she regrets her decision.

“It’s extremely hard because majority of the pressure is on me to actually teach him,” Sullivan said.

So Sullivan called the school district hoping to make a change.

“I was literally in tears crying to her, and I said, Please. I work full-time. There’s not enough hours in the day,’” Sullivan explained. “My laundry isn’t getting done, and my dishes are backed up.”

Now, Sullivan’s son, Kaydon, is part of Lee Home Connect, which allows her son to stay home but work with teachers live during the school day.

If you’re like Sullivan and don’t like your first choice for your children, Friday is the last day to make a change.

Already, some 1,300 parents have moved their kids from learning online to in-school classes. Another 900 moms and dads have switched their kids from school to online.

Sullivan’s advice is don’t wait.

“Do not feel like you’re failing in every aspect,” Sullivan said. “You’re doing the best you can. This is uncharted territory/ We’re all just doing the best we can.”

Reporter:Andrea Guerrero
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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