Some Charlotte County virtual students still not able to access classes

Can’t log in, no school, and nothing is happening. Parents and students are frustrated that the Charlotte County School District’s virtual learning program isn’t working.

The district said it wasn’t expecting this many students in its virtual program, with nearly 30 times as many students signed up this year.

The number of students enrolling in Florida Virtual School across the state is growing. The Charlotte County School district, a franchise of FLVS, said the virtual school is overwhelmed with the growth they’re experiencing and they’re doing everything they can to get students enrolled in classes quickly.

A week after classes started, Karissa Mandile is still waiting for her child to be assigned to a classroom.

“Because I was not getting the help that I needed, it almost felt like I was being forced to put my daughter in public school with COVID cases, which we are trying to prevent them from doing,” she said.

Mandile said that until she gets a definite answer from Florida Virtual School and the school district, she’ll be homeschooling her child for now.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Jackie Winchester
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