Residents in south Fort Myers say they’ve never seen flooding like this

Heavy rains from storms passing through Southwest Florida on Monday triggered a Flood Advisory. Some people off Winkler Road in south Fort Myers were forced to move their cars quickly once the water rose. Residents say they’ve never seen anything like it.

The rain even caused some car alarms to go off.

“We have never seen anything like this in our lives since we’ve lived here for 10 years. I mean I’ve never seen so much water,” said Phillip Wyman.

Another neighbor, Amy Flynn, said, “Usually it doesn’t even flood, even slightly, so this is crazy.”

Other neighbors say this is the first storm they remember where they’ve had to relocate their cars to avoid damage. Some say flooding such as this in their backyards was their biggest concern.

“My pool is almost over flooded so I had to pull the plug on the pool to make sure all the water got out of it,” Wyman said.

Flynn said it damaged her lanai. “The lanai was starting to leak actually. Like our lanai is covered in water.”

The south Fort Myers neighborhood wasn’t the only place to see flooding Monday evening. Flooding also affected Gladiolus and Cypress Lake drives.

These residents hope this is the last time they’ll see flooding like this.

“I hope it goes away,” said Pat Flynn, laughing.

Reporter:Breana Ross
Writer:Drew Hill
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