Police on Marco Island to enforce social distancing

Across Southwest Florida, people have been flocking to beaches for the holiday weekend, rain or shine – and police have been on hand to make sure you’re properly social distancing. Not doing so could result in a $200 fine.

On Marco Island, visitors were determined to enjoy their time whether the sun was blazing or the rain was pouring.

“It’s excellent. It’s really nice and peaceful out here,” said Brandon Miller who’s visiting from Chicago.

“We’re just kinda like chilling on the beach and like playing in the rain.” Paige Nested and Natalie Degnan came over from Naples.

Alyssa Lagerholm is also visiting from Chicago. “Apparently, right now, when the rain hits, everybody clears out but since we’re from Chicago, we’re just like we’re just going to wait it out so that’s what we’ve been doing,” she said.

People leaving to escape the rain certainly made social distancing easier.

“We’re not from a small town or anything so we’re used to you know having to social distance and wearing our masks in places,” Miller said.

Marco Island Police made it their mission to keep everyone safe this weekend. So, they were patrolling the beaches to ensure that everyone was following the guidelines in place.

“Like on the beach a lot of them passing by and we didn’t know if this was allowed playing beer pong on the beach with water of course,” Lagetholm said. “But they passed by wondering what the heck are these kids doing. They waved at me. I waved back.”

The police are just making sure there are no groups larger than 10 people and that everyone is staying six feet apart.

Lagerholm says she’s not willing to risk her health but she’s definitely not willing to fork over $200. “I have grandparents and stuff and I don’t want to put them at harm so I’m really safe about it.”

Officers are also asking that visitors don’t bring glass bottles and clean up behind themselves. If not, you too could incur that $200 fine.

Law enforcement will also be patrolling waterways. Fines may go to people who are speeding on their boats or are parked illegally.

Reporter:Andryanna Sheppard
Writer:Drew Hill
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