Businesses in Southwest Florida are still hiring

National unemployment numbers are decreasing.

Here in Southwest Florida, a food drive in Cape Coral drew a crowd. People are still in need of assistance, including food and work.

Nearly six months since the start of the pandemic, and many continue to struggle to find work.

“I’m struggling with the situation,” said Grelia Chacon, who lost her job in March.

Fidel Boada has family members that are unemployed. “Very rough, very rough, but we’re surviving.”

“We’ve got a family of two and one is disabled and I’ve been unemployed for a while,” said Jose Batista who is also unemployed.

Jennifer Madison has been unemployed since March. “We’ve got a family of two and one is disabled and I’ve been unemployed for a while,” she said. Madison is a mom who says being out of work is stressful.

“I’ve been starting to feel the pressure a little bit,” Madison said.

WINK News Reporter Andrea Guerrero has a list of places that are hiring, especially for those who are willing to try something new.

“My top salesman last month had zero experience in the industry,” said Alex Rodriguez, Sales Manager for Sun Sports Cycle & Watercraft.

“It’s only your own fear that’s keeping you from going to another industry,” Rodriguez said. “Because I have people working here that knew nothing about motorcycles a month ago and they’re making a good living for their family.”

A hopeful message from a man who’s hiring.

There is a list of businesses that are hiring on the WINK News website under the ‘Who’s Hiring’ tab that you can access here.

Reporter:Andrea Guerrero
Writer:Drew Hill
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