Unruly students ‘bombing’ class Zoom meetings, district warns disciplinary action

It’s a concern for some Lee County parents and students participating in online learning – will their Zoom meeting get hacked?

One mom told us it happened in her middle school daughter’s class Zoom call, where someone logged on under a student’s name.

She said they had started using profanity and showed inappropriate pictures.

But the school board’s spokesman tells us these aren’t random strangers getting on the calls, they’re other students misbehaving.

It’s happening by students sharing the links and passwords they get from the teacher with other students. Those credentials are the only way to access a meeting.

The district spokesman says students will be held accountable by the school district’s code of conduct.

The district is also tightening protocols by disabling private and public chat.

Teachers also have to verify students before they enter the call.

Reporter:Gail Levy
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