Dane Eagle to head Florida’s DEO

Rep. Dane Eagle will take over Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity, replacing Ken Lawson, who resigned Monday.

Eagle, who lives in Cape Coral, recently lost the Republican primary for the District 19 Congressional seat.

The DEO faced a number of problems over the last six months as millions of Floridians bogged down the state unemployment system, leaving thousands waiting for benefits.

The governor feels Eagle’s legislative experience and private sector accountability will make him successful in the role.

“Leader Eagle is an experienced legislator, a family man, and the right choice to lead DEO,” said Gov. Ron DeSantis. “The department has suffered some setbacks, but I have no doubt that Dane is up to the task. He is personable, enjoys broad bipartisan support, and I look forward to the many successes to come. Casey and I also congratulate Dane and his wife Brooke on the birth of their first child.”

Eagle served as House Majority Leader and has a degree in economics. He’s no stranger to the DEO. In fact, we spoke with him back in April about what his office was doing to help many people in this community work through the countless technical issues with the unemployment website.

Back then he praised the governor for taking action but said he was pushing for even more change.

While many I understand haven’t gotten it because of technical glitches with the unemployment system, that is uncalled for. And by self as a legislature, as a legislator, is addressing that, and I know the governor is answering, and yes it is frustrating because it is taking this long, it’s frustrating for me, but I am pleased to see the changes that have been made thus far and we’re pushing for more changes so that it is more efficient and people get what is owed to them.


Many of our viewers tell us they just hope Eagle does a better job getting unemployment benefits into the pockets of those who need it most.

Reporter:Sara Girard
Writer:WINK News
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