SWFL political group says cartoon against Black Lives Matter is a conversation starter

A political cartoon is drawing criticism for its portrayal of the Black Lives Matter organization. It was posted by the East Lee County Republicans group on its Facebook page. It says, “Black Lies Matter,” and shows a person urinating on the Black Lives Matter logo.

Michael Thompson is the president of the East Lee County Republicans. He told us several times Monday he doesn’t hate Black people, but he said he hates what the Black Lives Matter organization has turned into.

Thompson argues BLM is a group that sparks violence, and his group’s cartoon is designed to get the public’s attention.

“I’m not a black person, and I still feel offense to that,” said Gabriele Spuckes, the chair of the Lee County Democratic Party. “So I can’t imagine the feelings they feel seeing something like that.”

Spuckes finds the image of a man wearing patriotic clothing and then peeing on the BLM logo is not a positive way to start community conversation.

“The fact that they chose to do this is very, very degrading,” Spuckes said.

Thompson maintains the groups decision to show the political cartoon is not an attack on the Black community or an individual but still against the BLM organization itself.

“I don’t have an issue you know with Black people,” Thompson said. “That’s not what this is about. This is about their organization you know stating Black Lives Matter. Of course, they matter, but why is it only some black lives matter?

Thompson told us he believes the violence in the streets across the country speaks to the BLM organization as a whole.

We asked Thompson what he believes the solution is for Black communities across the nation to share how they feel in American society, since many people are against the demonstrations that have occurred during the summer of 2020 and other demonstrations in the past, such as professional athletes who have knelt during the national anthem.

“Not with violence,” Thompson said. “I don’t know what the absolute answer is, but I’m pretty it involves more conversations and less fires.”

Thompson told us Monday he will stop posting cartoons like this one if people who were offended by the cartoon are willing to sit down with him and have a genuine conversation.

“It’s a conversation starter,” Thompson said. “I can give you that much. I’m not out here trying to burn down their buildings or anything like that.”

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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