Parents worry too much screen time will have an adverse affect on children’s vision

Published: August 13, 2020 7:10 AM EDT
Updated: August 13, 2020 8:55 AM EDT

With online learning, most kids are experiencing an increase in screen time, and that can mean tired and itchy eyes.

A local eye doctor says the blue-light-blocking glasses actually improve your eyesight by about seven percent when looking at your phone, a computer screen, or a television.

Making it more effective than simply dimming down the brightness.

“You see details more clearly so you will be able to resolve letters easier so that makes you work less, so you feel less fatigued. What happens when you dim down the screen intensity, you don’t see the contrast as well so you can’t see details as well and the result of that is you get more fatigued from your computer,” said Dr. Richard Mauer, who works at the Eye Center of Florida.

Mauer says blue light blocking treatment on eyeglass lenses can be as cheap as $30 depending on your vision plan.

Amazon sells nonprescription glasses for as little as $13.

An option that appealed to Megan Tripp, a mother of two who has concerns about long terms impacts the increased screen time could have on her children.

“He has more headaches, he’s grumpier, it’s harder for him to break away from what’s in front of that screen or what is reality,” Tripp said.

Megan says it’s also important to give your kids a break from the computer. That’s why after a couple of hours of work she takes them outside for some natural light and fresh air.