9/11 survivors may be more susceptible to COVID-19

Some firefighters and other survivors of the American tragedy that was 9/11 are in the vulnerable category as far as contracting COVID-19. According to advocates, this is because many of them are dealing with lung conditions as a result of being at Ground Zero.

Others are dealing with cancers linked to breathing in toxins.

Michael Barasch represents and advocates for thousand of 9/11 victims across the U.S. who are concerned about contracting coronavirus.

Ten survivors he represents who lived in Florida have died from the coronavirus, five of those being Southwest Florida residents.

“It’s heartbreaking. They didn’t have the ability to fight the COVID-19 virus which has just exploded in Southwest Florida,” said Barasch, a lawyer for 9/11 victims.

Barasch and the survivors he represents are pleading with the public to follow CDC guidelines to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Reporter:Breana Ross
Writer:Drew Hill
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