How much you can expect to pay on school supplies as your kid returns to the classroom during a pandemic

The three-day sales tax holiday on school supplies is underway and Charlotte, Lee, and Collier County schools say this year your child can’t share supplies.

WINK News anchor, Therese O’Shea looked into it and discovered just how much more you can expect to pay.

The pandemic is changing the way we shop for supplies and It’s very important to help the teachers even more now than ever before.

Kristen Yanzer’s son, Jude is starting 4th grade at Vineyards Elementary in Naples.

Like other parents, she works hard every year to make sure he gets everything on his classroom supply list.

“We do all of what they ask for, the wish lists and everything, I think we spent like 300 dollars maybe,” said Yanzer.

But this year teachers won’t be handing out shared items like rulers, scissors, and protractors.

Dr. Maria Rosas says when kids are forced to share that sanitation is key.

“If you want to share supplies you want to make sure you’re cleaning the supply between people using it, so maybe a disinfecting wipe and making sure at the beginning of the activity, the kids have their hands clean,” Dr. Rosas said.

The need for more supplies means a bigger budget. The National Retail Federation expects the average household to spend almost $790 on back-to-school shopping. That’s nearly $100 more than last year.

And parents are making sure not just students, but teachers are stocked to start school safely.

“We made sure that his teacher, his classroom had everything that they needed,” Yanzer said.

One of the most expensive items on your list is likely a tablet or laptop, an essential this year, with more students learning virtually.

Therese did a little price comparison to help you make ends meet. Best Buy’s offering up to $300 off select laptops. Walmart has a MacBook Air marked down from $899 to $560, and Staples has big savings on several models starting at $249.

For more details on what qualifies for tax-exempt savings click HERE.

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Reporter:Therese O'Shea
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