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FGCU volleyball player committed to making fall season possible

Student-athlete Cortney VanLiew, with FGCU volleyball, arrived on campus Friday and immediately took a test for the coronavirus.

“We went through and did the nasal swab for the [COVID-19] testing,” said VanLiew, an outside hitter for the FGCU squad.

VanLiew joined with every other FGCU athlete hoping sports are a go this fall. Now she waits for the results, so she can then hit the court.

“We’re just doing the best that we can to stay hopeful that will have some sort of season in general,” VanLiew said. “And, that when we do, will be ready to go.”

“One of the first things I stress to them was how important it was that, if they really want to see the opportunity to compete in the fall and throughout the year, they had to take care of their own backyard,” said Ken Kavanaugh, the FGCU director of Athletics.

Kavanagh said that means they must follow the new rules: Wear masks, social distance, avoid crowds –meaning no parties.

“The privilege to represent your institution, and that means you have to sacrifice,” Kavanaugh said. “They do put all their time relative to time management and working hard, staying in shape with what they eat and all the rest of that, and this is just another component.”

Women’s volleyball and soccer both return to FGCU’s campus Friday, and they will be followed by men’s soccer and cross country Saturday. All of them will undergo testing for COVID-19.

Kavanaugh said having the Toronto Raptors train on campus was a chance to see how to best keep athletes safe during the pandemic.

VanLiew is among FGCU student-athletes who know discipline and commitment must continue and then some to allow for the best possibilities of a fall season this year.

“Our season is at risk,” VanLiew said. “We want to do whatever we can to have a full season to the best of our ability with every player.”

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Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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