Some in SWFL support dissolving the NRA, saying it’s corrupt and needs work

The New York Attorney General made a shocking call Thursday to dissolve the NRA. After an 18-month investigation, she’s suing top leaders for using money on themselves.

Some of the allegations against the NRA’s longtime leader, Wayne LaPierre, include $500,000 on trips to the Bahamas, hair and makeup for his wife and a $17 million contract.

“If the allegations are true, it’s disappointing because that’s not what the NRA is supposed to be about. The NRA is supposed to be about supporting it’s five and a half million members,” said Aaron Forum who owns the Shoot Center in Cape Coral. “This is an opportune moment for anti-gun groups to come in and get rid of the largest pro-gun lobby group in America.”

But just like Forum, proud gun owner Aaron Rolon says the NRA needs work. “To be honest, I’m not fully behind the NRA. I feel like they haven’t done completely as much as they should have to cover rights for gun owners.”

On our Facebook page, many of you support dissolving the NRA.

“Another terrorist organization bites the dust — corrupted from the inside,” wrote J.J. Wheeler.

“It’s about time! A bunch of hoods,” John Goretti commented.

This all comes when the NRA seeks the spotlight, working for President Trump and other candidates on the 2020 ballot.

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Briana Harvath
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