Exclusive: WINK News one-on-one with Eric Trump

Published: August 4, 2020 5:22 PM EDT
Updated: August 5, 2020 6:14 PM EDT

President Donald Trump is in some trouble in the swing states, including Florida – if you believe the polls.

With that in mind, WINK News reporter Morgan Rynor spoke with Trump’s son, Eric, and Florida’s top Democrat, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, on Tuesday to get their takes on the presidential race.

Eric Trump said to forget about the polls. He’s confident his father will not only win Florida, but reelection. That’s not surprising, but listen to his answer when Rynor asks him about it – and then the Democratic response from the only Democrat in Florida’s Cabinet.

Rynor: “Your father, President Trump, is trailing behind in a few key states that were very important in 2016. Not much time left. What is it going to take over the next few weeks, next few months, in order to win those states?”

“Morgan, I can tell you he’s not. You know we talk about the silent majority a lot. And I can’t tell you that the iceberg, you have the tip that pops out of the water and then you have everything else below, and I promise you the support is better than ever before,” Trump responded.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried doesn’t buy it.

“I think what you’ve seen not only here in the state of Florida, but the entire country has really continued to lose faith in President Trump and the pandemic is a pure example of his failed leadership,” Fried said.

President Trump on Tuesday tweeted that he encourages people in Florida to vote by mail, a stark contrast to his tweet last week suggesting the election be delayed.

Rynor: “President Trump has consistently shared the rhetoric that mail-in voting is going to be ripe with fraud. The Republican Party is sending out notices to people encouraging them to vote by mail. Why is that?”

“That’s a great question,” said Eric Trump. “By the way, Florida is a great state. They’ve cured all the problems. Absentee voting and mail-in voting in Florida is totally secure. I, in fact, we encourage people to do it.”

When asked about his father’s love of tweeting, Eric Trump got personal.

“Hah, you know my father’s greatest, you know, maybe asset in the world, and I always said America needed this more than anything, is being a fighter. America needed a fighter,” he said. “Does that sometimes get him in trouble? Absolutely, right. We’ll laugh about it as a family.”

Rynor: “Is Joe Biden the perfect candidate for your father to run against? Are you excited for that? Or are people really voting for or against President Trump?”

“Yeah, I’d love to say either he was or he isn’t. I mean, I don’t think anybody knows. He hasn’t left his basement. He normally can’t get through a sentence without fumbling in one way shape or form,” replied Eric Trump.

Rynor: “Do you believe here in Florida, Governor Desantis has done everything he can to mitigate coronavirus?”

“Florida did very, very well early on, and listen, you’ve certainly had waves come and go and you’ve had a lot of states and my state of New York got hit very, very hard early on and then, you know, this virus is clearly migrating, you know, around, but it’s a very tough problem. It’s very tough to solve but I think the federal government did a phenomenal job dealing with the crisis,” Trump said.

Eric Trump echoed his father in saying it’s the federal government’s job to give the states what they need and then let the governors take over from there.

These were long interviews filled with many topics. Rynor asked Eric Trump if he ever talks with his father about doing things differently, and she asked Fried if she’s positioning herself to run for governor. Both interviews can be watched in their entirety below.