Selling your old stuff on these sites could get you a little more cash

For decades, if people wanted to get rid of old belongings, they’d have a yard sale. But now, with new technology, you can sell your belongings when it’s convenient for you and make a little extra cash. That’s what Kazha Croteau did since she was moving and could use the extra money.

I’m moving into an unfurnished apartment so I definitely need the cash to get furniture,” Croteau said.

So, she decided to sell the thing she no longer needed on Facebook Marketplace. One of the reasons Croteau uses Facebook Marketplace is that there are no fees if you meet in person, so customers can either hand her cash or Venmo her.

“I remember my first sale was just so quick and easy the lady was super nice and you get to write everyone how your experiences with everyone,” she said.

Croteau has continued to have positive experiences and that has kept her selling her things.

“I always look at their profile and see where we can meet in a public place and then I also do the CDC guideline,” she added just to make sure her sales are safe for her and her buyers.

Craigslist and the app, LetGo are free and seem to be attractive to local buyers. eBay on the other hand, charges a ten percent fee for most items. For the app Poshmark, they charge a 20% fee for purchases over $15.

Another thing to keep in mind is that fees may vary based on what you’re selling, how you’re selling it and if the buyer would prefer it to be shipped.

But for Croteau, the satisfaction is knowing her things are getting a new home and a second chance.

“I have a lot of Lilly Pulitzer that just don’t fit me anymore and I’d rather sell them to someone that likes Lilly Pulitzer for a cheap price,” she said.

Writer:Drew Hill
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