People in Lee County take advantage of effects from Isaias

On Florida’s east coast, the effects of Isaias were causing crashing waves and some higher than normal winds. But here in Southwest Florida, things were pretty normal.

“It’s pretty windy, but it’s also very sunny out. A normal summer day,” said Gena Seyffert, who was out on Sanibel Causeway Islands on Sunday.

Her neighbor, Videa Venezia, added,”  “A normal summer day, yeah.”

“We figured, you know, come to the beach while we still can before some storms hit, so we got out here early,” said Rosemarie Smedile.

That was before the rain rolled in.

“Winds were a lot slower. This is actually the first little rain that we’re going to see all weekend,” said Paula Forero from Miami.

People seemed thankful that the storm was not hitting us directly, but it’s never too early to be prepared. “My mom loves to prepare for things. She loves to prepare for things,” Seyffert said.

“Yeah, we’re trying to get our kit together, you know, beef it up a little bit and make it look good,” Smedile said.

Some came out Sunday to get out of the house, to take advantage of the winds, or to get away from the storms on the east coast.


Reporter:Stephanie Byrne
Writer:Drew Hill
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