Family speaks about ‘porch pirate’ experience

A man says he was at work, a ‘porch pirate’ approached his front door and took their goods. The family knew something was off because they’d received a notification hat the package had arrived. Luckily, they had security cameras and were able to check them.

The man and his family do not want their names or address to be identified but he was shocked that it happened. “Right from the front door of my own house,” he said.

At this home in Golden Gate Estates, the thief just walked right up to the front door. “The walked into my property, took the packages and walked right out. Like nothing happened,” he said.

The porch pirate manage to get away with $400 worth of computer equipment that the homeowner says he ordered for work.

Of course, the man was not pleased. “Stealing is not the way to go. Other people are working hard for that stuff,” he said.

When the truck pulls up int he surveillance video, you can see the man with the blue hat take a look around for a moment before making off with the goods. “He was dressed like he had just come back from work,” the man said.

Honestly, the family was more surprised than anything and wonders who else is doing that? “Were just surprised because I mean like how many more people could he be doing this to? And it kind of sucks so…” he said.

The family also just wants their stuff back since the items were on backorder when they arrived. “I hope he learns his lesson from this. don’t go around stealing people’s stuff man. it’s not nice,” the man said. 

He hopes the neighbors saw the thief as well and call the sheriff’s office.

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
Writer:Drew Hill
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