SWFL community preps for storm to prevent flooding, possible damages

With the uncertainty of Tropical Storm Isaias, preps are taking place throughout Southwest Florida.

City landscapers are cleaning, clearing and cutting Thursday in Cape Coral.

Many people who live along canals in Cape Coral also have to worry about them overflowing. To prevent that, many neighbors have weir barrier on their properties to keep homes safe ahead of a storm.

Flooded streets, downed power lines and nowhere to go are part one of Joe Hernandez’s concerns when it comes to major storms.

“With Irma, we were afraid of the tides coming in,” Hernandez said.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Just down the road from his Cape Coral home a weir protected his property from flooding.

Ahead of a potential storm, the city is removing risers from the weirs, which control water levels in the canals.

“I’m very happy about that. That’s what you need to do,” Hernandez said. “By lowering the water, we run the chance of having too much water on this side and pushing out. But, if we don’t lower it, we’re gonna flood.”

If you want to keep the lights on, Cloverleaf Landscape Associates in Lee County recommends keeping the trees trimmed.

“Make sure they look at branches that they see that are too close to the line,” said Rose Velez, with CLA landscaping. “We’re making sure branches — they are low — they get cut off.”

And don’t wait until the last minute to protect your home. CLA landscaping company recommends keeping a close eye on the location of planters around your home. Oftentimes, they can damage your pool lanai and windows in high winds.

“Through whole year, we’re actually doing maintenance, prevention maintenance,” Velez said. “So we’re basically not rushing when the hurricane season comes.”

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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