Sunseeker Resort construction site activity continues despite indefinite suspension

Crews are still working on the Sunseeker Resort in Charlotte Harbor despite the company announcing it has suspended construction.

The WINK News drone flew over the site on Thursday and found that progress on the site is still visible.

Denita Browning of Punta Gorda knows Charlotte County inside and out and has been watching the progress of Allegiant’s Sunseeker Resort from the ground up.

“You see people coming and going. Sometimes I see the cranes moving, sometimes they are stagnant for quite a while,” Browning said.

Allegiant announced it would halt Sunseeker construction back in March. The company said crews are still securing the site more than four months later.

“Since COVID, it does seem that the construction has gone to a standstill,” Browning said.

But we noticed some progress Thursday. Drone footage shows a piece of the seawall that was missing last month is nearly complete today. The county said it should be finished by next week.

Allegiant said the seawall will help shore up the site from any storm surge or excess rain.

“The sea wall will not only protect the foundation of any future structures, it will also provide a defense for all the surrounding land, which is important for the community,” the company said.

Crews are also completing a powerline project and securing equipment that hasn’t yet been installed.

“We see a huge difference. And it takes a long time. There is a lot of stuff there,” said Beth Browning of Charlotte Harbor.

“I hope that they are making sure things are nailed down and are not going to be flying around,” said Denita Browning.

Allegiant said that’s part of their hurricane plan, which includes moving loose materials off property. The cranes are built to withstand hurricane-force winds and are designed to swing free during storms.

“The Sunseeker construction team has a hurricane plan to minimize any impact caused by a storm, including safely securing all materials and equipment. That can include moving materials off of the ground to a sheltered area, securing tools and equipment and ensuring the area is free of debris both before and after a storm,” Allegiant said.

“They have been every day, almost, removing construction items,” said Beth Browning.

That’s a little bit of progress without pausing the project’s protection.

“I hope it is beautiful and I hope it is well used,” said Denita Browning.

Allegiant announced Sunseeker’s construction is suspended until at least late 2021, but they said it will continue to have 24-hour security and a crew that maintains the property.

Reporter:Erika Jackson
Writer:Jackie Winchester
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