Preparing for hurricane season is looking a lot like preparing for the pandemic

For months, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers have seen bare shelves in the places where supplies like water and toilet paper used to be.

But in the past few weeks, stores seemed to be more fully stocked.

“Since the COVID we’re pretty much prepared you know? We got storm shutters already that we had installed on the house so I think we’re gonna be OK,” said Tom of Fort Myers.

Jill Moreland was at Publix today and she seemed to be able to find the essentials she was looking for. “Actually, they’re pretty stocked up on everything except for soft drinks, which I don’t understand,” Moreland said.

But Moreland is worried about more than just supplies. “Right now, COVID trumps hurricane season so it’s unfortunate but it’s reality. I can’t even imagine what we’re gonna do if we get a full-blown hurricane and we have to quarantine people,” she said.

Ann Mieczkowski of Fort Myers said she hasn’t even really been thinking about hurricanes in wake of this pandemic. “Honestly, I haven’t even thought about a hurricane this is our first summer here I am I’m hoping they don’t come,” said Mieczkowski.

The only good thing about the COVID-19 pandemic for most of these shoppers is that they’re already prepared for hurricane season.

” I mean I think I got enough food for three weeks and water and all of the rest of that you know,” Tom said.

In many of the stores WINK News visited, there were signs asking shoppers to only ‘take one’ of essential items such as toilet paper and paper towels.


Reporter:Gail Levy
Writer:Drew Hill
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