Paying your television streaming services like Netflix on time can help raise your credit score

If you have stream television shows and movies and make your payments on time it can now help your credit score.

Now you can use your on-time Netflix payments to help your credit score grow! You can already use your on-time utility payments also.

Experian, one of the three credit reporting agencies has a free service called Experian Boost.

It helps you increase your credit score by allowing it to see all your on-time payments every month.

Before this, you could only add things like your utility or phone payments. Now if you are making on-time payments to your Netflix account you can allow it to be included in the credit score calculation.

If you sign up for this Experian will also allow you to have credit monitoring.

For more information, visit the Experian Boost website here.

If you use Equifax, you can access their website here.

You can also access Transunion credit reporting here.

Reporter:Corey Lazar
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