Scammers are claiming Medicare will pay for your COVID-19 test

If you are told you can have a COVID-19 test and Medicare will pick up the cost, beware — it could be a scam.

Many of you are either on or know someone on Medicare. Scammers are on the hunt, promising COVID-19 tests and claiming they’ll pick up the cost. It’s just not true and you’ll wind up getting stuck with the bill.

Scammers are reaching out via the following methods:

  • Telemarketing calls
  • Text messages
  • Social media
  • Door-to-door methods

Here’s what you need to do to protect yourself from someone trying to get your personal information.

Don’t provide your Medicare number, be suspicious of unsolicited offers, ignore social media test claims and skip HHS grant offers.

Whatever you do, never wire money, buy gift cards or give our personal banking information to someone you don’t know.

You can report health care fraud to Health and Human Services by clicking here.


Reporter:Rich Kolko
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