Olga pastor helps turn brokenness into beauty with free mosaic-making sessions

Most of us have experienced a range of emotions lately. Well, one woman’s answer to dealing with the pandemic involves broken glass.

“I have a heart for the broken,” said Shari Lacey.

Breaking cups and plates is not only welcome at her home — it’s encouraged.

Then, the Olga pastor will help you turn your broken pieces into your own masterpiece.

Olga pastor, Shari Lacey. (WINK News)

“There’s something really cool about taking broken things and making something beautiful out of it,” Lacey said.

She started hosting free mosaic art sessions to help people cope with the pandemic.

“If a person is troubled in the first-place isolation makes it worse,” she said. “We’re doing mosaics obviously all at a safe social distance, but to give people an outlet.”

“She introduced herself to me and invited me over to make some art,” said Jessica Fletcher.

This form of art helps Fletcher deal with the death of her stepfather.

Making mosaics from broken pieces. (WINK News)

“I was going through a period of change and stress and anxiety. I came here and made a mosaic with her and really loved breaking stuff,” she said.

Breaking stuff is a popular part of the process.

“I get to break things, so it’s a little stress reliever,” said Amy Turner.

“Making beauty out of the brokenness,” Lacey said, a profound statement.

She welcomes people to drop off plates, cups and other dishes to be turned into mosaic art.

If you could benefit from the free workshop, click here to sign up.

Reporter:Melinda Lee
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