Where to purchase face masks for your child before the school year begins

If you still need to buy a face mask for your child as they head back to school in a few weeks, there are multiple options for you to choose from.

We know that your child will be required to wear a face mask in certain situations, and as we get closer to thousands of kids needing them daily, you will start to see large clothing companies start to come out with face masks for your children.

You can shop online for all kinds of masks. Disney now has its own line, and they cost around $20. They even have a size chart online to see what size is best for your child.

Amazon has all kinds of face masks starting at around $5. If your child is into sports, team logo masks are now available.

Old Navy is also coming out with their own face-covering line.

There are things you need to consider for a child mask. The CDC recommends some type of cotton fabric, and it should fit snug against your child’s face and secured by ties or ear loops.

It should include multiple layers of fabric, and no one under two years old should wear one.

Reporter:Corey Lazar
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